Questions Often Asked About Ballroom Dance Lessons

Why take dance lessons; I've gotten by this long without dancing?

People derive a lot of pleasure from a good hour of dancing in a clean bright place with a skillful partner at the end of a usually tiring, busy day. Besides, going to dance is FUN! Dancing lessons are really insurance against loneliness. You will always be able to make new friends through your dancing and be able to go along with the crowd and have fun. What do we get out of life if we don't get pleasure? Isn't that what we are all looking and working for, anyway?

Why take lessons? I don't want to be an expert – I already dance well enough to get by, besides having fun.

If you're well educated academically, that's 8 years in grammar school, 4 years in high school, and, for some, 4 years in college, for a total of 16 years spent in pursuit of an education. Your success in a business is gauged by academic learning, but your actual pursuit of happiness is gauged by social learning. You have too much "on the ball" to be content with second-rate ambitions. Would you prefer sitting at home instead of being at a fun party with a nice group of friends? NO, you wouldn't! Dancers take more dance lessons for the same reasons.

Why should I get better, when my partners aren't that good themselves?

No matter how limited your partners – you could still look better on the dance floor with better styling, confidence, and correct habits. Your friends will admire your initiative, for it is self-improvement. They will be proud of your fine dancing and sparkling personality when you are an accomplished dancer. Plus, getting better yourself is just how you attract better partners! Wouldn't that be more fun?

Why should I take the time? I'm already very busy.

Did you ever hear the expression, "if you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know"? When you stop and think of all the good times being a good dancer brings you, it makes the sacrifice you could put aside until we make you a really good dancer? Actually a 100-hour course is only a little over four days of your whole life in hours. Enjoyable, relaxing hours of fun, but yet, with a constructive purpose. And you do want to be prepared for that next big dance, don't you?

Am I too old, lacking in ability, or unattractive for dancing well?

Socrates said, "Everybody is eloquent enough on what he knows." You won't feel ridiculous when you are dancing beautifully. Confidence develops when we excel at something, and "Pretty is as pretty does". Grace, poise, attractiveness, new friends, fun and confidence can't be bought, but you can purchase the means with which to obtain them.

What does it cost to learn to dance well?

Our prices vary greatly depending on the number of lessons taken. There is no obligation for the trial lessons, and it gives you and idea about how we teach. It will also show us something about your dancing and help us to recommend something suitable for you. After you have a sample of our lessons, you will be better able to judge the value of our lessons.

Aren't dance lessons expensive?

If you have ever taken any type of private instruction such as driving a car, learning a musical instrument, playing golf, etc., you will find the rates usually run about the same as dance lessons. We think once you've been introduced to our system and have seen how quickly and efficiently you can learn and will be taught, you'll agree that it's worth it. Also, let's not forget that aside from taking care of you dancing, you're also going to get confidence, relaxation, and the exercise you want. Our studio offers superior personnel, nice locations, and pleasant surroundings. You'll soon forget the cost, but you will always enjoy the value. COMPARISON: Professional hair care at $50 a month is $600 a year. For 10 years, that equals $6000. Go without it for one month and see what your hair goes back to! The terrific part of learning to dance is that once you've don't it and it becomes a part of you, you never have to invest in it again. In fact, the more you use it, the better you will get. A whole year of fun, relaxation, and dance instructions, and, afterwards, a lifetime of good times, parties, recognition, and dancing; how do you put a price on fun, popularity and new friends? Aren't you worth it?

Remember – Good Dancers Are Made, Not Born. The Sooner You Act, The Sooner The Fun Of Dancing Will Be Yours. So, Act Now And Don't Wait Any Longer For The Good Times To Start!!

What To Wear?

It's important to choose appropriate shoes for ballroom dancing. Ballroom dance shoes are lightweight shoes with either suede (chrome leather) or smooth leather soles. Flats for men and women have 1 or 1.5 inch heels and generally cost $100-120, although there are some cheaper domestic models. Ladies' high-heeled shoes typically have 2 to 3 inch heels and run about $60-120.

Shoes should be chosen not only for appearance but also for comfort, support, performance, and protection. Some ballroom dance shoes are built poorly; in particular, look out for sharp edges near your ankle and for interior seams that will abrade your foot.

Some women prefer closed-toed shoes because they offer a little more protection against being stepped on than do open-toed models, and because they shield your toenails from your partner's shoes. Women's shoes sold for Latin dancing tend to have a higher, slimmer heel and a softer, more flexible sole than do those intended for Standard dancing. Ladies: if high heels hurt, try adding arch supports, or consider wearing flats. Any orthopedist will tell you that high heels are not particularly good for your feet.

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